TrackIR4 Pro


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MS Flight Simulator 2004
Flight Simulator X (FSX
Lock On: Modern Air Combat
IL2 Sturmovik: Forgotten Battles and Pacific Fighters
WWII Online
Live For Speed
Battlefield 2 (Vehicles)
Eve Online
Falcon 4
Nascar Sim Racing
Grand Prix Legends
Richard Burns Rally
F1 Challenge
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 Pinch Glove System


Probably the world's most widely used virtual manipulation device.












Allows users to 'pinch' and 'grab' virtual objects or initiate action. Each finger can be programmed to generate different actions. Users can program as many functions as can be remembered. The PINCH Glove System provides a reliable, low cost method of recognizing natural gestures.

The PINCH System uses cloth gloves with electrical sensors in each fingertip. Contact between any two or more digits completes a conductive path, and a complex variety of "pinch" gestures can be programmed into applications. A pinching gesture can be used to grab a virtual object and a finger snap can be used to initiate an action.

The System includes a pair of gloves, tracker mounts, interface electronics, user's guide, and software. The standard RS-232 serial interface allows the PINCH to be used with virtually any workstation or PC.

Gesture Space: 
System detects and verifies digit contact
among any two or more digits
Elapsed time between gestures is recorded
Requires no calibration
RS-232 protocol communicates gesture
information and time stamps
Dip-Switch selectable baud rates include
9600 and 19200
Sample source code is available for either
SGI or PC platforms 
120VAC 11W to 9W wall transformer
2.1 mm plug

 Logitech Tracker


The Logitech 3D HeadTracker is typically mounted into HMD's (head mounted displays) or into eyewear for Virtual Reality and Simulation.
 The Tracker plugs into your serial port and delivers 3 dimensional, 6 degrees of freedom (x, y, z, pitch, yaw, roll) control. Up to four HeadTrackers can be connected together to act simultaneously in VR or Simulation applications.










Ultrasonic technology eliminates metal or display interference.

The Logitech Head Tracker consists of a transmitter, helmet-mountable receiver and control box. The transmitter contains 3 speakers which emit ultrasonic signals and the receiver contains 3 miniature microphones to sense these signals. The transmitter and receiver communicate along a line of sight, facing each other. Both devices contain mounting holes to facilitate mounting in a wide variety of configurations. A control box is connected to both devices and determines the position of the receiver based on the timing of the microphone signals. Driver Software Head Tracker is shipped with driver software for PC and SGI platforms.


Product Specifications: 
6 degrees of freedom
3D and 2D modes
Ultrasonic Technology 
High level of ruggedness
PC and Unix compatibility
250 dpi resolution/ 3D mode
400 dpi resolution/ 2D mode
Baud rate: 19,200/ 3D mode
Baud rate: 1200/ 2D mode
Update Rate: 50 reports/sec 
Tracking Speed: 30 inches/sec 
Tracking Space: 5 ft. long, 100 degree cone 
Host Interface: RS-232 serial, 9 or 25 pin connector
Power Supply: external 115VAC (230VAC available)

 InertiaCube 2




















The Inertiacube 2 is the Worlds smallest inertial orientation reference system.
The performance that made the IS-300 InertiaCube the standard for orientation tracking applications is now available with an RS-232 serial interface for the PC Platform. Controllable filters, adjustable rotational sensitivity and settable motion prediction provides fine tuning of the InertiaCube2 for your specific application. The InertiaCube2 comes with a software developers kit (SDK) which includes IServer control & connectivity software, dynamic link and shared object libraries (.dll and .so), making it ideal for your Windows, Linux and IRIX applications.



Full integration of nine sensing elements ensures maximum accuracy, sensitivity and stability 
Sourceless tracking provides full 360?range and eliminates line-of-sight restrictions 
Advanced signal processing provides magnetic immunity 
Monolithic electronic design for superior alignment accuracy 
Connects directly to the PCs RS-232 serial connector 
Fast 115 kbaud rate and 180 Hertz update rate eliminates tracker induced lag 
Motion prediction, adjustable rotational sensitivity and control of output data filtering allows fine tuning for specific application 
Windows 98, 2000, NT, XP, and CE dynamic link library available 
Linux and IRIX shared object libraries available 
Software libraries interfaces up to 4 InertiaCube2's to application 
Windows control and connectivity software provides sensor configuration, network interface and joystick emulation 
Degrees of freedom: 3 (Yaw, Pitch and Roll)
Angular Range: Full 360° All Axes
Max. Angular Rate: 1200° per second
Min. Angular Rate: 0° per second
Accuracy: 1° RMS at 25° C
Angular Resolution: 0.01° RMS
Update rate: 180 Hz
Min. Latency: 2 Milliseconds (host dependent)
Prediction: Up to 50 Milliseconds
Serial Rate: 115.2 kbaud
Interface: RS-232 Serial Ethernet w/ Windows Control Software
Size: 1.137" X 0.96" X 1.335" (28.89mm X 24.38mm X 33.91mm)
Weight: 0.88 oz. (25 grams)
Cable Length: 15 ft. (4.572 m) - Max. 75 ft. (22.86 m)
Power: 6 VDC, 100 milliamps via AC adapter
Operating Temperature Range: 0° to 50° C
O/S Compatibility: .dll for Windows 98/2K/NT/XP/CE, .so for Linux, and SGI IRIX