Mobile Eye

Lightweight Tetherless Eye Tracking

The Mobile Eye is a truly tetherless eyetracking system for use when total freedom of movement is required and video with overlayed cursor is the desired output.  This system is designed to be easily worn by an active subject.  The eye tracking optics are extremely lightweight and unobtrusive and the recording device is small enough to be worn on a belt.

The eye image and scene image are interleaved and saved on a DVCR tape.  This method insures no loss of resolution, Tape duration is 75 minutes, battery operation, at full charge, is 130 minutes.  This tape is then transferred to an included PC that separates the images, does the analysis and creates a scene video with cursor overlay.  Sample rate is 25/30Hz.

The system is designed for indoor or outdoor use and is compact and rugged enough to be used in may sports applications.  Additional optics and recorders can be purchased for use with the system allowing for multiple recordings to be made at the same time.

The Mobile Eye comes as a complete system with all necessary hardware and software.  The portable DVCR can be connected directly to the PC for real time tracking in a laboratory setting.



  • Head mounted optics (76g)
  • Color scene camera
  • Modified DVCR recorder
  • Eye Vision Software
  • PC Pentium 4, 2.8GHz processor Desktop or Laptop



  • Recordable video with moving cursor
  • Data log file (ASCII data file)
  • x and y coordinates
  • pupil radius, in eye image pixels
  • eye direction with respect to the scene image
  • mouse cursor position with respect to the scene image



Control Computer                         Pentium 4, 2.8GHz Laptop PC

                                              EyeVision Software


RMU                                                  Modified DVCR


Head Mounted Optics     

Sampling and output rates:       25Hz or 30Hz

Measurement principle:            pupil-corneal reflection w/custom

                                              outdoor enhancements

System accuracy:                    0.5 degrees visual angle

Resolution:                                     .10 degree visual angle

Head movement:                     unlimited

Visual range:                           50 degrees horizontal, 40 degrees vertical

Weight                                    (including glasses, optics module, monocle and

                                               scene camera assembly): 76g


Included Equipment:                    Pentium 4 laptop computer

                                              Glasses mounted optics w/head mounted scene

                                              camera (color) 

                                              Modified portable DVCR

                                              EyeVision Software